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We create custom website designs that your visitors can browse quick & easy using smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktop computers. No more worries about which screen size your visitors are using on their mobile devices.

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WebFunnel-CoverTo put it simply, today your business needs more than just a presence on the web.You need web design that will inspire your readers and help your business grow and succeed online.

You as a business owner have the right to create your own site if you choose to without relying on trained professionals. And you should not have to be an SEO expert to get more clients from Google.

Business also needs cost effective SEO solutions to get more qualified clients from search engines, CannonFire Marketing offers you complete WordPress CMS turnkey solutions and starter packages just in case you want to build and/or maintain your own website.

The PRO CMS Web System for WordPress

Created user friendly including simple SEO by Yoast. Video tutorials and on-line manual included. Get started for less than $300.

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Special order services including set-up, installation and custom reporting. Don’t go search engine marketing without them!

Essential WordPress Website Security

Website security is not a laughing matter. The reality today is hackers do exist but you can protect yourself by reducing the risk.

Google’s own Matt Cutts says WordPress is “made to do SEO well.”

I couldn’t agree more but add that SEO is actually simple; not rocket science. WordPress is the most popular CMS software today because of the freedom it offers both individuals and business owners. And when you add that WordPress is free as are the plugins and extensions that increase its capabilities to create effective and affordable business websites, it’s real hard to go wrong!

Regardless of your advertising budget, using WordPress CMS levels the playing field for your small business to compete with any big business on the internet.

After near 18 years in business CannonFire knows that without search engine optimization, you’re doomed at Google. We also know just how simple SEO can be. The PRO CMS Web System enables anyone to do their own search engine marketing if they choose to. The PRO CMS Web System includes WordPress video tutorials including Yoast SEO tutorials. Because if you choose to build and/or maintain your own website we support you 100%.

But if you don’t have the time right now to read all of the reasons why WordPress CMS is a very cost effective SEO website solution, we offer you free WordPress CMS eBooks that tell the rest of the story and introduce you to WordPress. We also offer free consultations, plus our FAQ page to help you get more out of WordPress.