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Effective WordPress law firm website designs your visitors can browse quick and easy using smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktops. No more worries about which screen size or mobile device your visitors are using.

Top Law Firm SEOEven a spectacular law firm website design will not “make it rain” on your law firm’s practice areas without an effective law firm SEO process at work. To make it rain, a law firm website design must generate targeted traffic, provide a valuable service & be delivered quickly to smartphones, iPads, tablets and computers.

I know you wouldn’t tell a client to learn a little about the law before you help them, but I ask you to learn a little about SEO so you can choose the right web site designer or SEO for your firm. Please read on, a few minutes is worth $1,000’s to you.

We Help Law Firms of All Sizes

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Looks alone will get you nowhere in the scope of successful legal marketing websites. In the same way rainmakers “seed” the clouds to produce rain, our Top Law Firm SEO process “plants Google seeds”. Traffic comes from search engines; Google will supply over 70% of your traffic.

Google Seeds…Really?

  • Simply put, Google seeds are website content.
  • All of it including text, images, videos even PDF and Word documents as downloads.
  • Every page or post published can be ranked at Google producing traffic if it ranks well.
  • All seeds require regular fertilizer. Google seeds require frequent, properly created new keyword content with the Top Law Firm SEO process in the works at all times.
  • CAUTION – Do not “over water” Google seeds”. What does this mean? Read on…

Where’s the Law Firm SEO Magic?

Sorry, there is none, it’s just a simple common sense process to follow. Just listen to what Google wants from your website. Pages and posts will “grow” different rankings than others, even if produced to the exact same SEO standards. We tell you why and how to rank your pages and posts better.

Simplified Success Starts with CannonFire Top Law Firm Seo

To get the rain to start requires much more legal marketing effort than just a law firm website design. CannonFire Marketing, that’s us, will help your law firm website design augment and optimize all of your law firm marketing efforts online and off.

It’s easy and completely free. Watch and listen to Google tell you what your law firm website has to do; even how to do it with short and sweet to the point video tutorials, directly from Google. Click to Download SEO issues for 2014 ( Link opens a new tab or window.)

Read and see for yourself the non-technical simple explanations provided by the Google SEO Starter Guide. It’s free and well worth the cost of your website. In fact if you don’t read the facts “from the horse’s mouth”, it will likely cost you your law firm website investment. Click to Download the Google SEO Starter Guide (Link opens a new tab or window.) You will read on your own why the Pro Law Firm SEO process works. We just do what Google says to do.

In minutes you will know about WordPress websites and the best features for law firm marketing online. WordPress is limited only by your imagination, and is used by more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. Click to Download “Fast” Track Features for WordPress law firm websites (Link opens a new tab or window.)

Top Law Firm SEO 101

The online marketing process must always start any law firm website design that expects to ever realize the benefits of “making it rain”, before any of its parts are ever built.

If an affordable & effective “rain maker” is something your law firm wants now, Click to read the benefits of affordable & effective SEO for lawyers.

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