The Best Law Firm Websites

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  • Is your law firm website lost in the sea of the best law firm websites?
  • Considering competition, are you doing enough to make your law practice stand out?
  • I recently read a report that said “90% of law firms have websites”.

Since 1994 it’s been my experience that the majority fails to get results because they were never properly optimized. And that’s a shame. CannonFire law firm websites have no design or page restrictions and your site’s potential is endless. Whether you want to improve an existing websites performance or need a new one built that works, we can help you.

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What Makes the Best Law Firm Websites the Best?

  • “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so that’s not it.
  • “My law firm site has over 500 pages”, so that’s not it; without good SEO.
  • “I can type my law firm name at Google and it pops right up”, that’s not it either.
  • All my friends really like my law firms website”, nope, not it either.


I admit I pick on the search term “the best law firm websites” because it has very high traffic at Google and I doubt very seriously its potential law firm clients that search it.

My money is on the 90% of law firms with websites that have failed. Obviously the best law firm websites are the ones that produce. And that’s our focus in all law firm websites we deal with, new or old. All it takes to be the best is solid effort and a realistic master plan.