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  • Top Lawyer Website Template

    If you’re seeking a premium lawyer website template that fits any size or type of law firm you are in the right spot. Let’s start with a quick discussion about what a lawyer website template is, and is not. In WordPress a template is called a Theme which generally has many templates inside for website […]

  • The Best SEO Tool

    We choose to offer the Yoast SEO Tool as standard equipment in every law firm website design we build for 3 good reasons: It actually grades your content SEO. It suggests the best SEO problem remedies. It allows for use of Yoast video and local SEO features. Because Yoast SEO Works The Yoast SEO Tool […]

  • Keywords for Google Seeds

    Keyword research and analysis must happen way before any law firm website design gets built if you’re expecting any search engine ranking results. Keywords, nor how you use them, are the “holy grail” of success at Google or any other search engine for that matter. But they are “key” ingredients in creating a top law […]

  • Effective Organic SEO

    I discuss organic SEO here; but feel the need to explain the how, why and the benefits a little more, including how organic SEO actually works. Please study the following listing at Google a few seconds:  I went to Google and searched back surgery for this example. The 1st thing I want you to notice […]

  • WordPress – Not My Favorite?

    Back in the day, WordPress wasn’t even close to my favorite website building tool. That wasn’t really all that long ago. Web years are like smart phone years; not quite 12 months before a new model comes out. My beef was who can use this WordPress thing? I have considerable experience and it threw me […]