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by WordPress Website Designer Richard Cannon

  • Google Analytics for WordPress

    If you’re search engine marketing without Google Analytics you are definitely wasting time and money in my opinion. Search engine marketing is similar to a marathon; it isn’t a short spurt to victory by any means. It takes patience and a steady pace to win the search engine race, the same way a marathon runner […]

  • WordPress Website Maintenance

    To keep any website design healthy is an “ongoing” process. This is an actual list of WordPress website maintenance services performed in a 9 month study of a client’s law firm website. These are typical and average services for a WordPress website that we consider to be mandatory to keep your website current. Of course […]

  • What is a Web Marketing Funnel?

    The idea of a Web Marketing Funnel (aka Sales Funnel) is a simple one. Web marketing funnels are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. At the top of the funnel are the unqualified prospects searching at Google for legal services. At the bottom of the funnel, many steps later, are those people […]