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Richard at Devil's BackboneRichard Cannon Owner and WordPress Designer

Happy “Baby Boomer” Grandfather, a “wantabe” Drummer, and my major loves are my wife and partner, NHRA drag racing & all Motorcycles.

Hi, I’m Richard Cannon of CannonFire Marketing. That’s me on the left with “The Devils Backbone” a very famous backdrop for filming western movies here near Albuquerque & Santa Fe. As you can see I’m rather adventurous which stems in part from over 30 years in civil engineering.

After almost 40 years in Civil Engineering I decided it was time to use my well honed skills for something other than civil service. Around 1995 my duties introduced me to the PC and the Internet. It was easy for me to see that the Internet was to be much more than a fad, so I set my sites on the future.

My goal was promoting several topics around auto racing. That lead me to website building eventually because I had computer skills and high interest. Near 20 years later now, I pride myself with above average knowledge in Internet marketing, particularly SEO and WordPress for law firms.

Family pride and a great friend in the web industry helped me re-name my company to be CannonFire Marketing. After selling a small Texas horse ranch about 6 years ago, we came to New Mexico to ride or horses; or in this case “horsepower”. What makes my knowledge and services valuable to your law firm is pure “on the street” experience, as well as an engineering background.

My experience comes from the fact I started my SEO business before Google was ever born. In fact, in 1995, Yahoo was the king of search engines. CannonFire Marketing is located high in the mountains of Central New Mexico at about 7,000 feet. We’re about 30 miles East of Albuquerque ~ 30 miles South of Santa Fe.

  • Our focus is on accuracy in design and creating cost effective marketing tools for business.
  • We don’t just build websites, we engineer them to work at search engines.
  • We’re all about your business… not ours.
  • email me today.

2013 Victory ClassicUpgrading the quality content on your website does not cost anywhere near what upgrading your riding style after near 50 years of safe riding does, but I guarantee you it is just as important.

Our goal is to make your law firm web design and/or SEO for lawyers as painless as possible.

In fact we can make it possible for a staff member to maintain your sites content. Why hire us? Because we know what we’re doing; enough said, I’m happy to discuss it anytime you’re ready.