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CannonFire Marketing is located high in the mountains of Central New Mexico at about 7,000 feet. We’re about 30 miles East of Albuquerque ~ 30 miles South of Santa Fe.

  • Our focus is on accuracy in design and creating cost effective marketing tools for business.
  • We don’t just build websites, we engineer them to work at search engines.
  • We’re all about your business… not ours.
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I know you wouldn’t tell a potential client to learn about the law before you help them, but I ask you to learn just a little about SEO to help you choose the right web site designer or SEO for Law Firms services for your firm.

Just a few minutes is worth $100’s to your law firm.

And don’t be shy… just ask me, it’s free, really. The website design world for law websites is quite foreign to most people, not just you. And it’s very likely that I have answered your questions before, likely many times since we started business in 1994. For the record Google was barely a dream back then if at all; Yahoo was King!

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