Keywords for Google Seeds

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Keyword research and analysis must happen way before any law firm website design gets built if you’re expecting any search engine ranking results. Keywords, nor how you use them, are the “holy grail” of success at Google or any other search engine for that matter.

But they are “key” ingredients in creating a top law firm SEO marketing strategy.

Top SEOMaybe you recall where I wrote CAUTION: Do Not Over Water Google Seeds. To explain that, remember that Google seeds are your content; 100% of it.

So if you have optimized your content, you used a lot of keywords in the process right?

Based on a thing called “keyword density”, too many keywords can make Google think you’re “keyword stuffing” which is the deliberate use of keywords in an effort to fool search engines; AKA Over Watering. Do that and Google seeds die and get even harder to grow the 2nd time around.

Keyword Research Tips

I share this part to explain how we accomplish the task every day.

  • Research all of your law firms practice areas by name, including the names of subtopics. Example; if you research “estate planning” also research “probate”.
  • Research all the cities and states you practice in, including suburbs and named neighborhoods; Example; Dallas also includes Garland, Richardson, Downtown, Oak Cliff, etc.
  • That produces literally hundreds if not thousands of keywords and associated traffic data.
  • The list is narrowed down by removing those from your list that obviously do not apply. And again by removing any words with little or no traffic.
  • Use the best keyword research tool on the planet; the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Besides my do not over water warning, don’t get hung up on the numbers you see. Concentrate on the words that best describe what your firm does.

Take a Look at Example Keyword Research Data – Download a pdf file, opens in a new tab or window. The search term used for this example was “pets for kids” and just that one search returned over 800 keywords… See for YourSelf.