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One of the best ways to start a law firm website design is having a branding type logo to work with in starting the overall “looks”. Having a logo in advance accelerates a design by helping to choose the right theme shapes, colors and features to fit your logo and the desired overall appearance. When you accelerate the design process you also reduce the cost.

Low Cost Law Firm Logos

A company logo says volumes about you and it’s been my experience that not all branding company logos are created equal. Law firm logos have to send your message on sight. Law firm logo design ideas are best assisted by professional logo design services.

Make your branding logo look sharp and portray your good image. But some logos can do more harm than good on your website.

  1. Don’t let your logo design over power your written message called content.
  2. Not just any graphics person can design a logo quickly at affordable prices like $150.
  3. The how to design a logo question that all of us business owners have is quickly answered by the logo pros at Z Marketing! Call 303.715.8067Request a Quote

My Story about Our Logo

I started my website design business before Google. I know a thing or two about branding because I have studied logos since 1995 for myself. That’s right, me, I’ve waited until 2014 to “officially” brand CannonFire Marketing.

My only excuse for waiting is a lack of time and not keeping an eye on the goal. And that’s to be seen and best of all, recognized on sight. If it were not for my simple family/business name of CannonFire Marketing, we could have easily failed. Can you see in your mind what we do? What kind of marketing?

Call the pros that help us and our clients.

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