Does Your Law Firm Marketing Plan Include Success?

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I ask that because your firms’ success greatly depends on having and following an effective & flexible law firm marketing plan. The majority of my 20 year SEO career has been dedicated to internet marketing for law firms. Free search engines started with Yahoo but Google is the obvious king of search engines now. In fact over 70% of your traffic will come from Google.

That simply means there’s a lot of free law firm marketing space available.

There is YouTube, Google Business, Google Partners, Google Circles, Google search engines, Google images… you get my point, and the majority is free. Those things alone require a hefty law firm marketing plan and we haven’t yet discussed the importance of more social marketing spots such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • AVVO and other attorney credentials.
Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Get New Clients from Google!

The Local Marketing Challenge

Marketing a law firm locally is a huge challenge but not at all like the old Yellow Pages days & directories after directories.

Today it requires a high quality website that’s engineered to perform at search engines and on various mobile devices that change daily.

All of the law firm marketing places I mentioned above use your website as the “corner stone” to support your other online marketing efforts.

Making Time for Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

Busy is likely an understatement for your typical day at the office or in court. I’m not a lawyer but in supporting attorneys of all kinds with law firm marketing plans for near 20 years, I do know about busy.

That’s where we come in; CannonFire Marketing.

Let CannonFire Marketing take the sting out of the lost billable hours by lessening the time you spend on marketing. Yes you have to spend time on marketing yourself, but we can help & we cost way less per hour than lawyers do. Call (505) 286-7943 or Email Me Today.