Starting a Law Firm Website Design

Engineered for Top Performance by CannonFire Marketing

  • A CannonFire law firm website design is engineered for search engine lawyer marketing.
  • Additionally our attorney website design empowers your law firm to become one of the best law firm websites, without technical skills or being totally dependent on webmasters.
  • Our Top SEO law firm website design includes the top WordPress plugin features needed most for law firm marketing as standard equipment.

Top Law Firm SEO Website DesignWhere We Start a Law Firm Website Design

Law firm SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about applying a simple process to help a website get found by search engines and your potential clients. We believe in a long-term SEO strategy that can turn your website into an effective rainmaker, bringing in several new inquiries a day.

Our SEO website design for lawyers process begins with an in depth evaluation of your firms goals for new client generation. Once we the type of cases your firm wants to generate, we do in depth keyword research at Google for the most popular keywords and key-phrases used to find the practice areas your firm specializes in.

  • Using this data, we design a website marketing strategy which doubles as your website layout including which pages and posts are 1st and which are last. Download Example Strategy
  • The final documents can be used by any web designer or content writer so they know what you need from their services, including their scope of work estimates.
  • To make sure they do, we also build a temporary sample website so any vendors can see the websites layout and what you expect.

Simply put, all lawyer websites content, all of it, including text, images, videos even PDF and Word documents as downloads & every page or post published can be ranked at Google producing traffic. If you do not plan your SEO content for now and the immediate future, you’re behind the eight ball before you get started.

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