Top Lawyer Website Template

Which Theme is Best & Why We Choose It

If you’re seeking a premium lawyer website template that fits any size or type of law firm you are in the right spot. Let’s start with a quick discussion about what a lawyer website template is, and is not.

In WordPress a template is called a Theme which generally has many templates inside for website essentials like page types. An example is seeing a Sidebar on the Left and another page you might see a Sidebar on the Right; two different templates technically speaking.

But that’s just part of the story.

A WordPress theme (template) controls many aspects of your website design and features. To make changes often means knowing PHP and HTML code, but my premium law firm website template solution does not require you or your staff to know any code at all.

But is it a “Lawyer” Website Template?

Professionals of all types seek website templates designed specifically for their line of work, and there are many, but these canned templates only look the part. The way a theme (template) looks does not mean it’s a good lawyer website template.

Even if you have -0- intentions of doing website stuff this information applies to you. The simple fact is the easier something is to do the less you will likely pay for help getting it done.

Does a theme allow you and staff members to make website adjustments without code? If not you will be depending on a webmaster for simple changes in an ever changing internet world.

What if 6 months from now you add more partners and practice areas that need new pages to represent them; can you write the content, seo and then install the new pages in house?

If you don’t make frequent updates, add new blog posts, appeal to the local residents and businesses, your lawyer website template alone will not make it rain on your practice areas.

And one more thing; those awesome looking law firm templates do not come out of the box looking like they do in demos & examples. Every theme (template) will require assembly.

Pro FrameworkThe Best Solution

Spend under $80 and buy Pro Framework. We totally support Pro Framework because we have never used a more flexible, intuitive WordPress theme.

This incredible WordPress theme offers hundreds of visual & general options that empower law firms to create and/or maintain a website just the way they want it without code.

By starting with a default child theme, you or CannonFire can create your website to fit your colors and brand using friendly options. And if for some reason you decide to change the looks of your lawyer website template in the morning, in just a few clicks it can happen, even without a webmaster like me. Call CannonFire (505) 286-7943Email Me Here