Local Law Firm Marketing

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Local law firm marketing websites have different needs than national or multi-state firm websites. One big difference is you can bet potential local clients will be using mobile devices to search for you. For that reason, 100% responsive website design is a must. That means your law firm website will automatically size itself to the mobile or PC device being used to view your site.

4 Critical Parts for Local Law Firm Websites

  1. Immediately visible contact information including phone and location.
  2. An interactive Google location map specific to your address.
  3. An active presence using the Google+ and their local business systems, which is correctly associated to your website by Google Authorship.
  4. Informational content about your community involvement.

Not only do these things help establish a following, add branding and get your name out there, they also help Google identify you as a local business. That in turn helps the ranking process. To repeat myself once again I know… Google will send over 70% of your traffic.

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Local Law Firm Marketing and SEO

With all that to do it stresses the need to plan ahead when either repairing a failed website or creating a law firm website design that works.