Organic SEO for Lawyers

How to Get Free Traffic from Search Engines

Are you willing to pay Google an average of $25 for each and every click they send to your website, including mistakes, with no guarantees that any of those visitors will “make it rain” on your law firms practice areas? Please don’t; there’s a much better way called organic SEO for lawyers.

That’s the actual average amount Google Adwords would charge me to buy “pay per click” (PPC) traffic with the 17 or so “exact match” keyword phrases I market on this website. The real bad news is I would only get about 100 visits at $25 each, spending $2,500. That’s enough $$ to buy an effective WordPress SEO law firm website design that could get that many visitors in a day, year after year.

Top Law Firm SEOOrganic SEO for Lawyers

Simply put, all lawyer websites content, all of it, including text, images, videos even PDF and Word documents as downloads & every page or post published can be ranked at Google producing traffic.

And each content item that ranks can enhance other content items traffic count to your website.

Think of each content item as a seed that needs water and fertilizer, plus time to grow; that’s organic  SEO; your website grows like a vine. Or think of common weeds that appear in your yard year after year. One little weed flowers, creates a few seeds, and the wind spreads those weeds like wildfire; just add water and fertilizer. That’s exactly how organic SEO for lawyers works; one seed, one page, one post (Google ranking) at a time.

A Law Firm Website Design & an Attorney Website Design are Not the Same

  • If you needed legal help and you started at Google, would you search for lawyers, attorneys, or law firms?
  • Maybe you would use legal help, criminal attorney or personal injury lawyer for the keyword phrases instead.
  • I will 100% guarantee that you will see some sites more than once.

That’s organic SEO for lawyers at work!

  1. Posts, pages, images, video, and more get ranked and found with various keyword phrases and many times more than once.
  2. One page as an example might rank for 3 different keywords.
  3. Without any doubt, organic law firm SEO gets more bang for the buck!

Another option is to pay $2,500 for every 100 visitors Google Adwords pay per click system will send you. But please don’t do that. Organic SEO for lawyers is easy to learn and way, way less expensive than buying PPC traffic. Up Next… SEO for Lawyers Explained