SEO for Lawyers (Search Engine Optimization)

Save $1,000's in Minutes!

I do not suggest spending loads of time learning SEO for lawyers because you have more profitable ways to spend your time. I do strongly suggest that you do learn a little about SEO for lawyers to make selecting a vendor of SEO services easier. You will save $1,000’s for your time spent here educating your law firm.

How SEO for Lawyers Works

  • You know people search Google and other search engines with keywords to find attorneys.
  • You also know people search for attorneys by name as well as city, state and practice areas.
  • And you know that not every law website can be #1 at Google.
  • Also know you do not have to be #1 to win!

Searh Engine Marketing StrategyYou’ve likely heard the saying “he who has the most toys wins” and depending on your goals in life it could be true. How that applies here is that “he who has the most ranked content wins” more prospective clients easier. Google wants bulk information, quality, original content, frequently.

The easiest and most effective way to meet the demands is by building a “user friendly” affordable WordPress website and blog combination. Create unlimited pages and posts in bulk or just one at a time.

The Top SEO for Lawyers Process

  1. The process begins by researching the most frequently used practice area and law firm keyword phrases at Google using their “exact match” keyword traffic databases.
  2. Using this data, we design a website keyword marketing strategy which doubles as your website layout and includes which pages and posts are 1st and which are last.
  3. The final documents can be used by any web designer or content writer so they know what you need from their services, including their scope of work estimates.
  4. To make sure they do, we also build a temporary sample website so any vendors can see the websites layout and what you expect.

Things to Consider When Selecting Vendors

  • If a vendor talks way over your head go elsewhere in my opinion.
  • Find an SEO expert for law firms that makes it real easy for you to understand.
  • Know at least what has to happen and how much it cost now and in the future.
  • And if you do not have complete, entire access and ownership to your web system…
    I advise you to run away even faster!

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