Starting a Law Firm Website

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Buying a law firm website can be started and finished in a single day at a wide range of prices. And all too often law firms regret that purchase not long after it goes live and fails to send a single visitor. Well I’m sorry but it’s true that you get what you paid for; Every law firm big or small is unique; even with the exact same practice areas. So it just makes sense that a nice looking website from a webmasters shelf of samples will not work for you.

How to Start a Law Firm Website

I start that discussion here, but it’s so important I want to repeat myself a little if you don’t mind. Start at the end; that’s right; start with what you want to accomplish and work backwards to design an SEO marketing strategy for now and the immediate future.

Law Firm Office You Can Start a Law Firm Website In-House Easier Than You Think

CannonFire websites empower any law firm to do the parts they want to, with full video and online manual tutorials including law firm SEO. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress. My only caution is you’ll make more money practicing law.

Getting Good Help

That’s an easy subject if I say so myself. We know what we’re doing and have been doing it since 1994. Get 60 Free Consulting Minutes or Call (505) 286-7943.