WordPress – Not My Favorite?

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Back in the day, WordPress wasn’t even close to my favorite website building tool. That wasn’t really all that long ago. Web years are like smart phone years; not quite 12 months before a new model comes out. My beef was who can use this WordPress thing?

I have considerable experience and it threw me around. Since my goal was to empower website owners to do at least some of their work, I set WP aside for quite some time. Even after law firm marketing coaches told me repeatedly that I should go with WP.

But it wasn’t long before WP changed my mind.

  • Significant changes made it possible to SEO page-names without numbers.
  • The WYSIWYG WP editor became almost like using Microsoft Word.
  • I realized I had reached a milestone in my goal to empower website owners.
  • And the progress in that regard has not stopped.

22% of the websites on the internet are built in WordPress and 60% of all content management systems are WordPress with Joomla being second with 10% and Drupal 9%. Info Source

I’ve never been one to follow the latest trends, but I recommend that all law firms get on the band wagon with WordPress for many reasons. One of them is efficiency, another is WP saves money, but most of all it works and any law firm can use without any technical experience.